Student Success (EDI) Project

Medway School of Pharmacy feels a deep sense of commitment towards an inclusive approach to its students’ success. In light of this commitment, the School is a part of the University of Kent’s two year Student Success (EDI) Project: a project which aims to develop ways to help students achieve the best they can.

The Student Success (EDI) Project Officer; Sammi Hall works closely with the Director of Student Experience, the Data and Quality Information Manager and Head of School. They are busy listening to students' opinions in order to develop and implement initiatives to help students to generate the best of themselves.

Several initiatives are currently in place including; Numeracy Peer Mentoring, Social Media Communications, regular Student Focus Groups, close links to the Medway Pharmacy Students’ Association (MPSA), the Employability Points Scheme and Analysis and Review of past data.

For more information about the Student Success (EDI) Project at Medway School of Pharmacy, contact Sammi ( For information on the Student Success (EDI) Project across the University of Kent’s Pilot Schools, visit:




Numeracy Peer Mentoring

Numeracy Peer Mentoring was implemented in order to help students recognise the need for a strong numeracy skill-set in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as develop their abilities to build on their strengths through both student led, group and one-to-one support.

In 2016 we saw great success for both mentors and mentees. Mentors had an average grade of 94% in their final pharmacy assesment, and the mentees who chose to engage with the scheme did 17% better than those who didn't.

2017 has seen yet another successful outcome, in particular for years 2 and 4 which showed a 20% increase in pass rate. The average pass rate in the mock exam was 83% across all cohorts, and the main exam saw an average pass rate of 95%. Those that engaged with the scheme did better than those that didn't and thus we shall be continuing mentoring in future years.

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Social Media

Social media communications have been improved by increasing the output of useful content, as well as creating a collaborative approach between student and staff. Student ambassadors regularly contribute to social media streams used by the school (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat). Medway School of Pharmacy staff are heavily involved with the School’s social media; posting useful links and disseminating communications.

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Student Testimonial

"These days so many people go to university and so many people have strong degrees. This can make it very difficult to stand out after graduating. The student success project has allowed me to stand out.

In my first year I knew that I wanted to do more than just study my degree. Therefore along with a few others I founded the Society of Pharmacology and Physiology. The society won the best new society award and I was given the award for outstanding achievement.

None of this would have been possible without the student success project and in particular the help from the project officers. Sammi provided the committee with guidance to move the society forward and gave me the confidence to try new things, helping me to develop as a person.
Along with the society I was also able to attend a number of events to promote the university and to assist with the transition into the university lifestyle. This helped me to build on a number of key skills such as team working and public speaking.

The opportunities I have had through the student success project allowed me to differentiate myself and thanks to this I was fortunate enough to gain an industry placement with GSK. This placement has given me a huge insight into the pharmaceutical field and developed more skills that will help me throughout my career.

The student success project has been critical in allowing myself and others to get the most out of university and set ourselves up for the success in the future. I am so thankful to all those who have been involved in the project and made my university experience truly incredible." BSc Year 3 Student

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Analysis and Review

Analysis and review of past data has been implemented in order to spot potential trends in previous academic years. By being aware of specific areas of difficulty for students helps twofold; by empowering the Student Success (EDI) Project Officers to develop and implement new initiatives, as well as providing the relevant academics with the power to better tailor their teaching to what the student needs.

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Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF)

"The University of Kent has been awarded a Gold rating in the government’s Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF). After reviewing applications by 295 higher education providers the TEF Panel concluded that Kent delivers consistently outstanding teaching, learning and outcomes for its students, along with 59 other providers.

This is an outstanding achievement for the University as a whole. Here at the Student Success Project we are proud to have been recognised as having made an “outstanding” contribution."

To see the full blog for this achievement please visit the Student Success Blog post

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