Thomas Mote

BSc Pharmacology and Physiology Graduate 2018

Thomas Mote

If you ask my nephew what he wants to be when he is older he will tell you he wants to be spiderman, if you had asked me at his age then I probably would have said I wanted to be a doctor or someone related to the medical industry. This was because at a young age I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia and ever since I have been old enough to understand what that actually meant and what I went through I have been determined to pursue a career where I can help people in the way so many people have helped me. Pharmacology is a topic that interests me greatly which is why I choose to study it at University. Understanding how a drug is designed and developed to be able to act upon a specific area of a human's body amazes me; it was my brother who suggested looking into the area of Pharmacology after seeing the enthusiasm I have for working in a laboratory setting, the seeming necessity to understand how things work and also the determination to help people. Taking this advice I started reading into Pharmacology and as my knowledge grew so did my passion.

Before coming to the Medway School of Pharmacy I took a gap year. This was because originally I was unsure if I really wanted to apply to come to university. I started working for the Institute of Cancer Research and it was while I was there working in one of the labs that I realised if I really wanted to follow the career I desired then I would need a degree. I began looking at and visiting universities. It was around this time I came down to see the MSP and right from the start I loved it. The campus offered everything that I could ask for, and though small, it buzzed with social life. Looking around the actual school and learning about the course confirmed to me that I wanted to apply to go to university and more specifically go to the Medway School of Pharmacy.

After applying I headed out to Canada for 4 months where I followed my passion from snowboarding by becoming a qualified instructor. While I was out in Canada I found out I was accepted into the MSP and I could not have been happier. I started the year not knowing if I wanted to go to university and now just finishing my first year of university I can tell you it was the best decision I have ever made.

Like most people I am sure I was extremely nervous during the first week of university. But we were all in the same boat and I quickly made friends and settled into the uni life. The whole course has been very interesting and the lecturer’s, who are all highly regarded in their specialties, present content extremely well and are easy to approach if you do not understand something. The social side of the university is brilliant. With the historic areas of Chatham and Rochester close by there are plenty of good days out, as well as numerous clubs in the towns for plenty of good nights out. There are many societies that anyone can get involved while at university. I choose to become part of the Free Ride society so I could go snowboarding between studying. Along with some others in my year we were able to found the Society of Pharmacology and Physiology which I was fortunate enough to elected President of. This is a society aimed to enhance students understanding of the topics as well as creating a social environment between all the years.

So if you have bothered to read this far I imagine that the Medway School of Pharmacy is somewhere that you would consider studying at. All I can say is, apply as you won’t regret it and if you see me while you are here don’t be scared to say hello.

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