Ruvimbo Madoroba

Master of Pharmacy (MPharm) Graduate 2018

Ruvimbo Madoroba

Pharmacy as a career path is dynamic and highly relevant to the scope of healthcare today. A-level subjects of Biology, Mathematics and Chemistry drew my interest the most prior to attending university and naturally, they lend themselves well to the study of drugs. However, it was the mutualism of interacting with and helping people alongside reading science that highlighted Pharmacy as the perfect degree choice for me.

Why Medway School of Pharmacy? The journey through university choices and seemingly endless prospectuses can be a long and confusing one. The MPharm degree course at MSP seemed interesting and challenging upon comparing it with other pharmacy schools I looked into. Additionally, the Medway campus was a clear choice for its picturesque buildings and setting. Beyond this, an open day tour provided good insight into the resources available to students such as the longest library in Europe, the Drill Hall Library. As a small campus, there is a close-knit sense of student life; this made me excited about joining an involved student union with a large variety of societies. The Medway Pharmacy Students Association (MPSA) is a great vehicle for pharmacy students to coordinate professional, educational and social events such as the soiree of the year - the Pharmacy Ball.

Practical integration of clinical and over the counter (OTC) experience is an aspect of the MPharm degree which I benefit most from. A work experience placement with a leading pharmaceutical company is integrated into first year. Learning skills applicable to pharmacy in the real world is a valuable resource and has personally made it easier to gain further placement experience.

I would recommend Medway School of Pharmacy to any prospective students seeking to challenge themselves with the guidance of leading professionals in their fields, whilst maintaining a vibrant social life. There is a constant stream of great opportunities for students here and the high accessibility of lecturers’ help makes MSP an environment that inspires students to be the best.

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