Nadine Caballero

BSc Pharmacology and Physiology Graduate 2018

Nadine Caballero

Did you always know you wanted to study Pharmacology? If yes why?

I didn’t always want to study Pharmacology; in fact I thought I wanted to study Pure Chemistry. But after completing my A-levels, I began venturing out, looking at different courses that universities had to offer. I was stuck on what degree to take and confided in my friends about it. One of my friends was a first year at Medway School of Pharmacy and he highly recommended it. I initially thought, I don’t want to do Pharmacy but I’ll have a look anyway. While looking through the website, I found that a new course, Pharmacology & Physiology had been launched. After reading through the programme structure, I deduced that it was the course for me. I was apprehensive about the level of Biology in the course since I hadn’t studied it at A-Level but I took the risk and I can gladly say the course has sparked a profound interest in the subject.

Why did you choose Medway School of Pharmacy?

When picking a university I wanted one that specialized solely on one field. Despite being a partnership of University of Greenwich and University of Kent, Medway School of Pharmacy does just that. The school focuses on the connection between pharmacy and pharmacology in tandem with establishing the unique characteristics of both. From speaking to students and researching the school, I was assured that the passion and commitment from lecturers and students themselves was there.

What are your favorite aspects of the course, and why?

Being a student in the first year of a new course can be very daunting but there is continuous support from staff and peers. Bi-weekly or every week there are lab sessions where fundamental principles taught in the lectures are put into practice. This cycle of lectures, labs and workshops continuously keeps you learning and allows you to grow independently as a pharmacologist. By the end, you tend to answer your own questions. The Pharmacology & Physiology BSc course also allows you to broaden your knowledge by supplying optional research seminars and lectures from practicing pharmacologists and researchers. By attending them, you’re provided with an insight on how your knowledge and knowledge that you will gain can be used in real life situations where you don’t know what you’re looking for. The course ensures familiarity with lab techniques and criteria whether it is in a chemistry or biological lab.

What are your favorite things to do socially, in or around the campus?

The campus is great for activities science based, or something completely recreational. There are also open lectures and research seminars provided by the School of Pharmacy. I always look out for these because of a range of different topics being addressed, one of which will help you in exams or simply interest you. Lecturers sometimes give talks, which is always interesting as you find out about their research and specialties. There is also MPSA, which is the Pharmacy Association run by MPharm students, GK Union and the School of Pharmacy itself.

Around the campus there are various clubs, restaurants and shopping destinations with London only 45 minutes away. There are several societies to keep you busy and if the one you’re looking for isn’t there, then you can make your own!

Would you recommend MSP to prospective students?

In hindsight, choosing to study at Medway School of Pharmacy was the great choice and I would definitely recommend it. From the first week of lectures, you get an immediate sense of passion and support from the staff. They throw you into the deep end knowing you can handle it. It is this confidence in students that makes this School of Pharmacy increasingly promising. As well as having confidence, they also never let you forget the intensity and workload of the course because that’s what will come with your future job. Without realizing, you begin to grow into a pharmacologist or pharmacist as lecturers constantly drum into you the most effective and efficient way of thinking. Medway School of Pharmacy provides you with experiences, challenges, connections and logical thinking, everything you need to be equipped for the future.

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