Maria Isaac

Master of Pharmacy (MPharm) Graduate 2018

Maria Isaac

I didn’t consider pharmacy as a career option until I was in my final year of A levels. Growing up I loved the human body, fascinated by how it functions, how it heals and how we can improve it using medicines. Set on becoming a doctor most of my life, I hadn’t explored what it truly means to be a pharmacist. But pharmacy has everything I ever wanted out of a career. It allows you to care for others in their time of need, whilst giving you a deep understanding of science, the human body, medicines and disease. It gives you options on where you could work, whether that is in a hospital, community or industrial setting. It opens doors to teaching and research – a passion of mine. Recently I completed a research study on young adult’s knowledge on Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. This is something I would like to pursue further in the future.

Medway School of pharmacy helped me discover this, giving me the tools to have the knowledge and skills required to become the best pharmacist I can be. Although the degree can be difficult, the end result is rewarding. The campus is small, vibrant and friendly, giving a sense of community, and allows me to socialise with students studying a variety of subjects. It is rooted in history, located in a beautiful area with many places to go and visit. The social groups and societies are many ranging from many different sports, to drama and music. I’m excited to see what I can bring to the Medway Pharmacy Students Association as president this year, hoping to bring the different year groups studying pharmacy together through social outings, controversial debates and activities.

I know the degree will only increase in difficulty, but I am confident that I will have the support to succeed, whist studying in a great school, and end up with a rewarding, developing career.

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