Iyunade Onisile

BSc Pharmacology and Physiology Graduate 2018

Iyunade Onisile

Studying Pharmacology at degree level didn’t cross my mind until my final year of A-levels. From a very young age, studying Medicine was my dream. I was always interesting in the mechanisms of drugs and the research behind new drug discoveries. However, studying Medicine involves a lifetime commitment and I wanted to broaden my future career options more. After doing some research on the course, I discovered that Pharmacology would not only fulfil my interest in drugs but also provide various pathways for future careers i.e. I would have the option to study post-grad Medicine if I decided to, I could work in biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries and lastly, I could also specialise in drug related researches and many more possible options. Over the course of the year, my passion for the course has grown, and I am incredibly excited to see where it takes me.

I chose Medway School of Pharmacy because it offers a year in industry, and I really do see this as a great opportunity for students to not only put in practice what they have learnt in their first two years at University, it also gives us a chance to get a feel of what it’s like to work in an industry on a day to day basis, allowing us to decide if it could be a possible career path. As many graduates do struggle to find jobs in their fields after finishing their degree due to lack of work experience, Medway School of Pharmacy gives us students the opportunity to build up our CV from the placement year and stand out of the crowd. I was also enticed by the learning outcomes stated on the University website for the course: intellectual skills, subject-specific skills and transferable skills, all of which are essential skills in the field of science and it is safe to say that these learning outcomes have certainly been met!

My most favourite aspect of the course is how the students are treated like scientists from the very start of the year and pushed to be independent. This has allowed me to get out of the mind set of relying on teachers so much, and actually start reasoning like a scientist would; doing wider reading and being more analytical i.e. about lab results or researches studies. Despite the lecturers giving us the opportunity of be more independent, they do not abandon us or throw us into the deep end without guidance, they have been incredibly supportive; especially my tutor, who we see on a regular basis for feedback on how we are settling in and finding the course – this has been incredibly beneficial and reassuring. The lecturers are very passionate about what they do, this is clear when they teach us - it makes topics more enjoyable to learn when they’re taught with passion and it is inspiring to watch.

The campus offers various clubs and activities ranging from sports to religions that gives students the opportunity to meet people with similar interest. It also gives students a chance to step into leadership roles for these societies because they are ran by other students, thus new students are voted into the committee at the end of each year – another great opportunity to build CV’s up. There’s a cinema, shopping centre and popular restaurants about 10mins walk away from the campus which are the main hotspots for students. Students also have the chance to start up a society if they wished to, funded by the school of pharmacy and GK union.

I most certainly would recommend Medway School of Pharmacy to prospective students, I might have only been here for a year but I am already beginning to feel more confident in my field. This is all due to how much faith the lecturers have in you, it truly is motivating. They view and treat each student equally and push us all to achieve our personal best by constantly reminding us of how much hard work we need to put in and what exactly it is we need to do to push for the grades we want. They also provide a great support system and opportunities to build our analytical and laboratory skills i.e working as a research assistant if it were something you showed an interest in. I must say, that has probably been one of my greatest experiences so far at University!

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