Dorcas Olupona

Master of Pharmacy (MPharm) Graduate 2018

Dorcas Olupona

Personally, deciding what I wanted to study at university was a long process, which involved a lot of research and work placements. After a very successful work placement at a local hospital I decided to pursue pharmacy. I was impressed with the level of knowledge, and patient engagement the pharmacists had. Also talking to the pharmacists I realised a lot of their reasons for studying pharmacy were very similar to what I wanted from a degree.

Studying pharmacy, gives you the opportunity to work in a large and diverse field using many different skills: Allowing you not only to impact patient lives directly by offering knowledge and advice on a daily basis to improve patient health, but to also be at the forefront of research and innovation in the development of medical products.

Like many others, moving to university was a new and exciting experience. The Medway campus is relatively small and so there is a strong sense of community on campus as people become familiar quickly and you are able to form close knitted friendships with others. The campus allows you to meet and get to know a wide variety of people from different backgrounds. For someone who is from London the campus is the perfect distance, as I am just 40 minutes from Kings cross station, whilst still being able to experience life outside of London.

Medway has a wide variety of clubs and societies on offer, allowing anyone to find people with similar interests as well as the opportunity to find new hobbies and interests. As well as the clubs and societies available on campus, there is still a wide variety of activities available off campus around the local area, as well as having the opportunity to travel to both the Canterbury campus and the Greenwich campus.    
The Medway Pharmacy Students Association (MPSA) is currently the largest society on campus. Joining as Vice president is an opportunity to impact our university life and improve student experience. For example by facilitating with others both educational and social events in order to engage students from all 4 years.

The pharmacy course is very challenging and highly demanding, however is also very stimulating and thought-provoking. The school gives you the support you need, making it very easy to speak to people whenever a problem arises. However as a university student, there is a large amount of freedom and a level of self-discipline expected in order to achieve independently.  An important part of the course is the Dispensing Labs, which are an opportunity to gain the skills and the practise needed to become a successful and effective pharmacist through case studies and role play.

I would encourage students to apply to Medway School of Pharmacy, as an opportunity to develop not only academically; receiving excellent resources, such as the longest library in Europe. Furthermore Support from friendly and approachable staff as well as being taught by lecturers who are leaders in their field, but also an opportunity to experience university life in a close-knit and vibrant campus.

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