Camilia Amrani-Chtiar

Master of Pharmacy (MPharm) Graduate 2018

Camilia Amrani-Chtiar

At seven years old I wanted to become a cashier. At 10 I wanted to be an aeroplane pilot. At 13 I wanted to become a forensic scientist. At 15 I wanted to become a doctor. I certainly can’t give you the “I wanted to become a pharmacist since I was born” speech. So instead, I’ll tell you the truth. I was extremely indecisive about what degree to study. Short-term goals were my main focus, so when it came to choosing a degree to study and determining what to spend my life doing, I was a dithering mess. It was only when I set foot into my Career’s office in my sixth form college, browsing through ten folds of prospectuses, and saw Medway School of Pharmacy’s, that I made a decision.

It was exactly what I was looking for:

  • A combination of studying science and being able to communicate with various people, two areas that I excelled at
  • The option of gaining a Master’s degree which I could complete in 4 years.
  • A campus that was neither too far nor too close to home.
  • A school that specialised in just Pharmacy.

Medway School of Pharmacy was ticking all the right boxes. In just twenty minutes within that office, I had decided on my future – I had chosen Pharmacy. So after a gap year working abroad with the Red Cross and completing various placements within community pharmacies, I found myself accepted and ready to go to Medway School of Pharmacy. My journey of lifelong learning had begun.

Now I am in my second year, I can honestly say that choosing to study at Medway School of Pharmacy was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The school matches my work ethic completely; with a full-on timetable, coursework, lab sessions and deadlines - the lecturers push you from day one. With modules ranging from chemistry, biology, pharmacology and pharmacy practice, the course never ceases to keep you interested. Pharmacy is a demanding career, and being a Pharmacy student is demanding also. At Medway School of Pharmacy you are pushed to become an independent, competent and motivated professional. My interest and commitment to pharmacy has further increased as the year has gone by – being taught by such professional and passionate lecturers has inspired me to want to achieve the best.

Achieving the best however does not mean I cannot have fun. The campus is not only a centre of learning, but also a centre for social and recreational activities. Various societies can be found on the campus, ranging from sports, religious and even subject based. Because of my interest in communicating with people and my passion for pharmacy, I was elected as being the Public Relations Officer for the Medway Pharmacy Students’ Association (MPSA). Being a member of the MPSA will allow me to represent pharmacy students and encourage students like you to develop into great individuals. This forthcoming year we will be organising and hosting various events which are not to be missed. The social aspect of the MPSA is something I will be greatly involved in, so don’t be afraid to tweet us!

The area around campus has also allowed me to ensure that I allow time to have fun and relax. Dockside is a fantastic place to watch a movie or eat at a restaurant with friends. Bluewater Shopping Centre is less than an half an hour away, so retail therapy is always there if you need it.

 All in all, if you are as indecisive as I was before coming to university, I truly do recommend Medway School of Pharmacy. The supportive staff, educational environment and social hustle bustle of the campus will not only allow you to be yourself, but also shape you into the best pharmacist you can be.

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