Anastasia Dmyterko

Master of Pharmacy (MPharm) Graduate 2018

Anastasia Dmyterko

In the spring of 2014, I graduated from McMaster University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology. Some 12 months prior to graduation I started to consider my options for future employment. I worked part time in local pharmacy while studying, and I became intrigued with the role of the pharmacist. As an undergraduate, I concentrated on the study of the body and its functions in relation to movement and exercise and learning how to maintain the body in an optimum state.  By my third year, I began to realize that I could combine the knowledge I gained about the human body with the study of pharmacy. Kinesiology taught me how a healthy mind and body function, while the study of pharmacy could teach me how to best treat the whole human being with medication, when that option became necessary.

I spent my undergraduate degree living at home, so the idea of traveling abroad to complete my further education really appealed to me. The number of pharmacy schools in Canada is very limited with some schools only accepting 50 students each year. I had heard many good things about the education system in the UK.  I was very happy to learn that my education to date was acceptable for the British university system and furthermore that graduates of Pharmacy programmes in the UK had little difficulty transitioning into careers in Canada.

The application process seemed a little daunting since the UCAS system used in the UK is quite different from the system used in Canada. After attending the Study and Travel Abroad Fair in Toronto, I began selecting schools I thought would be the perfect fit for me. I also consulted The Guardian league table to see where the potential schools ranked. What attracted me to apply to Medway School of Pharmacy was not only their high ranking but also the interesting aspect of gaining a degree from two universities. After I made my 5 selections on UCAS, the Medway School of Pharmacy was very quick to reply back to me with the offer for an interview. I had an interview over the phone, and was initially quite nervous about the process. One of the lecturers from the school phoned me and was very friendly and professional. The process was stressful as this was my first pharmacy school interview. All went well and I received a conditional offer of admission not long after. I was very impressed with the speed Medway took to review and decide on my application. I made my final choice a few months later and Medway seemed like the right place for me. After accepting my offer a few more steps had to be taken. As an international student, I had to obtain a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) number from the school in order to apply for my student visa. Medway School of Pharmacy and the University of Greenwich were very helpful in guiding me through the stressful process of obtaining a visa.

After spending the last few months at Medway, I can truly say I made the right choice. At McMaster University, class sizes ranged from 250 to well over 1000 students in a lecture hall. Here at Medway, class sizes are much smaller and more personal.  The small class sizes as well as the friendly and approachable staff have made Medway School of Pharmacy an excellent study environment. Students are treated as individuals and are made to feel like more than just a number. I know that the quality of the education I will obtain from Medway will help me thrive as a successful pharmacist when I return to Canada.

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