Omar Al-Hashimi

2015 MPharm graduate

Omar Al-Hashimi

Coming from a family of healthcare professionals, I knew from an early stage that I wanted to become a pharmacist. However, I wasn't sure about moving away from home having lived in Manchester for the majority of my life. 

After spending four years at Medway School of Pharmacy, I have no regrets in making the decisions that I had made. From meeting academics who I believe are world class to spending time with amazing national and international students who I will always stay in touch with and remember.

During dispensing laboratories, I was able to practice and be prepared for placements through a range of activities such as role plays, prescription reviews and dispensing. I was able to put all of this knowledge and experience that I have gained into practice in the range of hospital and community placements that the school arranges for students throughout the years.

The Masters course itself is full of challenges, however, academics always have their doors open to offer support to students. The course is designed in a way that made sure I was always on top of my numeracy skills and pharmacology knowledge which was annually assessed; I think this helped me in the transition from being a student to becoming a confident competent pre-registration pharmacist trainee.

I was able to engage in various activities throughout my four years, from taking part in different sport activities arranged by the university at a local leisure center such as rock climbing and swimming to volunteering to help fellow students from lower years in preparation for numeracy assessment.

During my final year at university, I was engaged in debates about current and future pharmacy issues where I discovered my hidden talent of public speaking as well as influencing my peer’s opinions.

Summarising my four years at Medway School of Pharmacy, the skills, the experience and the world class teaching offered at Medway School of Pharmacy made me best prepared for the real world. I truly miss every moment I spent there.

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