Daniel Sutcliffe MRPharmS

2014 MPharm graduate

Daniel Sutcliffe

After finishing my A-levels I went to work in construction training to be a Quantity Surveyor, at the time I had no ambitions to go to University, however after the financial crash and being made redundant I sat down to reconsider my options. I decided I wanted to go to University and study a science based subject, one which would ultimately allow me to graduate with good career prospects and would enable me to work in a sector where I could put the skills I’d learned to use and really make a difference. I decided to apply to Medway School of Pharmacy and I haven’t looked back since.

I spent five years at Medway, studying a foundation degree in community pharmacy practice before eventually going on to complete my master’s degree in Pharmacy. I only achieved three C’s in my A-levels but with a great deal of hard work I managed to graduate with first class honours; a degree in pharmacy is certainly attainable to anyone who is willing to put in the many hours of work required.

I’d say that Medway is an excellent choice of University, not just in terms of the quality of teaching and support provided by the Faculty, but also the diverse nature of people you will meet during your time there. The location within the historic naval barracks is a truly unique setting, and the close proximity to London provides a great many opportunities to its students both academic and recreational.

Since graduating from Medway I’ve completed my pre-registration year at St George’s University Hospitals, which included rotations in technical services, radio-pharmacy, and aseptics in addition to time spent on cardiac, surgical, and paediatric wards. I’ve also experienced Pharmacy in community, hospice, and prison sectors. I now work for the Royal Pharmaceutical Society at part of the marketing and membership department in an engagement role, which involves promoting the work of the society both online and face to face, I do this alongside locum work in the community.

Pharmacy as a profession is evolving rapidly and students embarking on a Pharmacy degree now can expect new opportunities and radical developments to be unveiled during the course of their studies as the workforce evolves to deal with the integration of new technologies. Pharmacists are increasingly working in more clinical and patient facing roles, alongside GP’s in their practices, in care homes and in A&E.

Furthermore, outside of the more traditional roles for pharmacists, a master’s degree in a STEM subject opens doors for you outside of the clinical route which you might not at first have considered; since graduating I’ve met pharmacists working in regulation, publishing, journalism, insurance, law, and the financial sector.

I’d advise anyone considering a career in pharmacy to research it thoroughly, what you’ll find is a diverse profession with a wide variety of career options available upon graduation to those graduates who seek them out.

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