Abdul Alim

2016 MPharm graduate

Abdul Alim

Why did you want to study pharmacy?  I have always enjoyed Chemistry and Biology at School, but I did not want to pursue a career where I would be confined to a laboratory or a classroom, rather I wanted close patient contact were I can use my skills and knowledge to support patients and their carers. Upon completing work experience at my local pharmacy It become apparent that Pharmacy met all those expectations.  Moreover, Pharmacists are now widely regarded as the experts of medicines, their knowledge is unparalled and the opportunity to be a part of such an elite profession was too much to resist. Pharmacists nowadays can do so much from responding to minor ailments, to carrying out medicines review, managing chronic disease, ensuring care is holistic, optimising therapy and supporting other members of the multidisciplinary team.

Why did you choose Medway School of Pharmacy? Choosing a university for any prospective undergraduate student is invariably a tough and daunting experience. Often you are overwhelmed with information and can find the decision extremely challenging. This was no different for me, after attending countless open days across the breadth of the country it became apparent that MSOP fulfilled all of my expectations of an exemplary pharmacy school. They had excellent facilities, world renowned lecturers, diverse and interactive teaching, fantastic location, extensive support for pupils and an array of extra-curricular activities. In the end the decision was easy; who wouldn’t want to be a part of pharmacy school that prides itself in ensuring that every pupil is a success?

What were your favourite aspects of studying at Medway School of Pharmacy? The fantastic lecturers; they  try to make every teaching session a memorable experience with interactive teaching, game show-esque quizzes and extensive out of class support. All lecturers ran an open door policy, thus if you needed help you knew assistance was only an email away.

Where are you now/where will you be working? I am now currently employed as a pre-registration pharmacist at Lloyds Pharmacy. My typical day includes clinically screening prescriptions, counselling patients, identifying drug therapy problems, optimising therapy, supporting patients taking high risk medicines, dispensing medicines, responding to minor ailments, running smoking cessation clinics, liaising with the GPs and Practice based pharmacist, ensure stock management, conducting audits and risk assessments. Upon registration I would like to further enhance my clinical role and move into the hospital sector of pharmacy.

What would you say to prospective Medway School of Pharmacy students? If you want to become a pharmacist then MSOP is the place to be! They ensure you are exposed to the “real-word” from the get go with frequent placements. In addition, you will be allocated a tutor who will extensively support you. MSOP has amazing facilities (including one of the largest libraries in Europe) and you will be taught by world renowned Scientists and Pharmacy professionals whose eloquence and knowledge will leave you in awe!

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