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Medway Pharmacy Students’ Association (MPSA) was established in 2008 and represents pharmacy students at Medway School of Pharmacy. Since its formation the MPSA has gone on to become the largest student body organisation on the Medway campus.  While we appreciate that all our students are here to obtain a good degree, our goal is about making sure that students leave the university as better individuals than when they started. The society hopes to achieve this through events which aim to develop academics, socio-cultural understanding and professional skills.

We encourage members to attend and participate in events coordinated by our parent association - the British Pharmaceutical Society Association (BPSA) - such as conferences and seminars which keep students up to date with key issues and allows them to hear from leaders in the field. Our social activities bring students from the various years of the pharmacy and course to events such as trips, movie nights and sporting events.

This year the MPSA has plans of conducting an inter-pharmacy school debate to see which year comes out on top, a comedy  movie themed night, a big trip away from the campus plus much more to be revealed throughout the year.

Our members this year will have discounts for Univibe (50% off tickets). We also will be selling discounted Medway School of pharmacy hoodies as well as other perks of which information will be given.

The highlight of the MPSA calendar is the annual Pharmacy Ball which was awarded as the event of the year in 2015 and 2016 for the Medway campus. It is a chance for all our members, students and staff to let their hair down and have fun in a cool and glamorous setting, an event certainly not to be missed! This year the ball is sponsored by Kent Student Accommodation. Follow their link to find out more.

Committee Members

President -
Kishan Pankhania
Vice President -
Ankita Gandhi
Secretary -
Kruti Patel
Treasurer -
Abdiqani Omar
Public Relations Officer
Laurenda Attah-Wegbe
Public Relations Officer - Laurenda Attah-Wegbe
Social Secretary -
Payal Rao
Ball Co-ordinator -
Anmol Patel
Social Secretary - Payal Rao Ball Co-ordinator - Anmol Patel

Tel: +44 (0) 1634 883150
Fax: +44 (0) 1634 883927

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