Erasmus Exchange Programme

General Information

The Erasmus+ programme is funded by the European Commission. It enables higher education students to study abroad as part of their degree. In the UK, the programme is coordinated by the British Council.

Medway School of Pharmacy (MSOP) is jointly run by the Universities of Kent and Greenwich. Since its accreditation in 2008, the School has established several exchanges with other Universities in Europe either via the University of Kent or the University of Greenwich.

The Erasmus Exchange Programme requires an institutional bilateral agreement to be signed between the University of Greenwich and a selected Institution.

Currently the Medway School of Pharmacy has signed an agreement with the University of Cergy (France) and the University of Padova (Italy).

Please note that we can only consider applications from students nominated by their home institutions. If your University does not have an Erasmus agreement with us, we will not be able to consider your application.

There is a separate application process for students from abroad who wish to study with Medway School of Pharmacy (Incoming Students), and those already studying at Medway who wish to study abroad (Outgoing Students). The links below provide full details.

Incoming Students

Outgoing Students

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