Research seminars

Seminar programme 2016/17

The School holds a regular programme of research seminars from 13.00 to 14.00 on Wednesdays in Jellicoe Building, Room J106 unless otherwise stated. These are open for anybody to attend. Full details of each seminar are to be found by clicking through the respective link.

Past Programme

Date Seminar Title

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5th October 2016

Filip Kunc - Medway School of Pharmacy

Host: N. Lavignac
Smart Antibody-Coated Nanoparticles: My 3-year Journey at MSoP
19th October 2016 Richard Moyse - University of Greenwich

Host: D Bartlett
Plant Life
9th November 2016 Professor John Langley - University of Southampton

Host: F Pullen
BMSS Lecture: SFC and its applications
16th November 2016 Dr Ryan Ramsey - Syngenta

Host: E Thompson
Yield, plant architecture and plant growth regulators: getting crops to do what we want
23rd November 2016 Professor Joerg Feldmann - University of Aberdeen

Host: J Everett
RSC Prize Lecture: Analytical systems to unravel biological metal metabolites
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30th November 2016
Dr Luigi A. Agrofoglio - Université d'Orléans and CNRS

Host: Dr A. Hall
Metallocatalyzed and chemoenzymatic syntheses of various (E)-4-phosphono-but-2-en-1-yl nucleosides
6th December 2016 (Tues) Dr Nicholas Harmer - University of Exeter

Host: J Pang
18th January 2017 Dr Michael Hamer - Syngenta

Host: S Arnold
Ecotoxicology and environmental risk of pesticides
25th January 2017 Dr Russell Howe - University of Aberdeen

Host: B Alexander
EPR studies of novel photocatalysts
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8th February 2017
Sukvinder Bhamra - Medway School of Pharmacy, University of Kent

Host: N. Lavignac
The use of herbal medicines by South Asian diasporic communities in the UK
22nd February 2017 Dr Katherine Hubbard - University of Hull

Host: E Thompson
Bioscience teacher of the year 2016: Why do we demand evidence for our research, but teach on instinct? Using research led approaches to drive teaching excellence
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8th March 2017
Dr Dimitrios Lamprou - Medway School of Pharmacy, University of Kent

Host: N. Lavignac
Pharmaceutical Formulation, Development, and Advanced Characterisation
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15th March 2017

Dr Elisavet Vasilopoulou - Medway School of Pharmacy, University of Kent

Host: N. Lavignac

The role of the moonlighting protein, thymosin-beta4, in kidney disease
29th March 2017 Pofessor Julian Eastoe - University of Bristol

Host: P Griffiths
Surfactants at the design limit


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