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Seminar programme 2013/14

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Date Seminar Title
9th October 2013 Dr Peter Widdowson - Quethera

Host: Dr Gurprit Lall
The perils of novelty: Discovery and clinical development of novel agents for metabolic diseases and their ultimate demise
23rd October 2013 Medway School of Pharmacy, University of Kent

Mr. Colin Moore (Vladimir Gubala)

Stefania Lettieri (Andrew Hall)

Host: Dr. N. Lavignac

Can Silica Nanoparticles Be Used For Treating and Diagnosing Diseases?

The Development of Synthetic Receptors for the Tailored Molecular Recognition of Barbiturates and Other Targets of Interest

13th November 2013 Dr Hélène Castel - Laboratory of Neuronal and Neuroendocrine Cell Communication and Differentiation, University of Rouen

Host: Dr Alison Edwards
Chemotaxis in the Development of High Grade Glioma: Urotensin II Receptor Ligands and Signallings as Potential Therapeutic Tools
11th December 2013 Medway School of Pharmacy Postgraduate Poster Day

13.00 to 17.00 in Anson building, Room A153 (PBL1)
List of posters TBC
22nd January 2014 Dr Kirill Volynski - Institute of Neurology, UCL

Host: Prof Y. Ushkaryov
Differential triggering of spontaneous and evoked neurotransmission by P/Q-, N- and R-type Ca2+ channels
12th February 2014 Prof Paul Gard - School of Pharmacy & Biomolecular Sciences, University of Brighton

Host: Dr A. Bratt
The Renin-angiotensin System: A Target For Novel Treatments For Cognitive Impairment
5th March 2014 Dr Gary Robinson - University of Kent

Host: TBA
Collaboration and commercialisation – a turnKIE solution?
26th March 2014 Dr Jill T Norman - Centre for Nephrology, UCL Medical School

Host: Dr C. Peppiatt-Wildman
Autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease – understanding disease progression


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