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PhD study at the Medway School of Pharmacy

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A number of our postgradaduate research programmes have received additional funding from KentHealth funded PhD student and strategic development grant awards

The Medway School of Pharmacy has a program for research training leading to PhD. Within the school we have a number of home, EU and international postgraduate students who are undertaking such doctoral (PhD) research degrees. PhD students at the School are registered students of both the University of Greenwich and the University of Kent. Graduates who obtain their PhD from Kent or Greenwich are highly sought after by prospective employers, both within the UK and overseas. Destinations for doctoral graduates include university academic departments, research institutes and leading pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies.

The School has over twenty academic research staff arranged in three primary research groups: Biological Sciences, Chemistry and Drug Delivery and Clinical and Professional Practice. Each of these academics has developed their own research program.

Current research interests of staff in the school include:

Biological Sciences
  • Functional properties and regulation of neuronal ion channels (Prof A Mathie)
  • Synaptic receptors, transmitter release and neurologic diseases (Prof Y Ushkaryov)
  • Childhood developmental disorders (Dr A Bratt)
  • Regulation of IgE-mediated cellular signalling in allergic effector cells (Dr B Gibbs)
  • Modulation of GABAA receptor activity by chronic ethanol treatment (Dr S Kelley)
  • Regulation of mammalian circadian rhythms (Dr G Lall)
  • Genetic chemotherapy of cancer (Dr S Scott)
  • MAP kinase-dependent and hypoxic signal transduction pathways (Dr V Sumbayev)
  • Emerging/re-emerging viruses: surveillance and control (Dr N Temperton)
  • Urinary system physiology in health and disease (Dr S Wildman)
  • Top down control of sensorimotor circuits essential to animal survival (Dr Stella Koutiskou)
Chemistry and Drug Delivery
  • Anti-cancer agents and pro-drugs based on natural products (Dr M Casely-Hayford)
  • Peptide/carbohydrate architectures: novel biomaterials and conformational study/application of foldamers (Dr A Edwards)
  • Construction of polymers either for or through molecular recognition(Dr A Hall)
  • Novel bioresponsive polymers for macromolecule and drug delivery (Dr N Lavignac)
  • Innovative Research Projects on Pharmaceutics & Drug Delivery Systems (Dr Dimitrios A Lamprou)
Clinical and Professional Practice
  • Patient experiences of using medicines (Prof J Krska)
  • Development and evaluation of novel pharmacy services (Dr TS Gill, Prof J Krska)
  • Optimising medicines use (Dr S Gammie, Dr S Corlett, Mrs L Dodds)
  • Development and evaluation of pharmacy interventions, behaviour change counselling in pharmacy, pharmacists as part of the athlete support team and the pharmacist's role in supporting people with epilepsy and their carers (Dr T Thomas)

Further details of the research interests of staff can be found on their individual research pages.

A list of our current research opportunities and, for interested applicants, details of how to apply can be found here.



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