Do you often use pharmacies?
Do you live in Medway?
Would you like to help us research pharmacy services and medicines?

Yes? Please read on….

The Medway School of Pharmacy has established a group of members of the public, called PIPS (Public Involvement in Pharmacy Studies). The group was initially funded by KentHealth and has been meeting approximately every two months since September 2014, at the School on the Medway Universities campus.

The group get involved in helping to design and carry out studies about pharmacy services and medicines and includes 12 members.

We offer shopping vouchers and travel expenses to anyone interested in joining our group. You don’t need any special experience, just an interest in pharmacy services or medicines. If you would like to join the group, we would love to hear from you. Please see contact details below and get in touch if you would like further details.

We look forward to meeting you. THANK YOU!

Further Information

The Clinical and Professional Pharmacy Practice Research Group carries out research looking at both services offered by community pharmacies (chemists) and about medicines.

Many of our studies involve seeking the views of patients or the public about pharmacy services, for example NHS Health Checks, exercise programmes, weight management services and support with using medicines. We want our work to lead to improved services and greater benefits for those who use the services. But it really important that we understand the issues people who use pharmacies would like us to look at.

Our work on medicines is about peoples’ experiences of using medicines and discussing medicines with both pharmacists and GPs. It is all from the perspective of medicine users, therefore we need the views of people using medicines on what research we should be doing.

The PIPS Group meets every two months to debate possible topics and studies, to comment on research ideas and study documents, such as questionnaires, information sheets and letters written for patients or members of the public and to help us to disseminate our research to the wider public. In addition members can contribute more generally to the undergraduate pharmacy course in a variety of ways.

Please contact us for more details:
Telephone: 01634 202935




Clinical and Professional Pharmacy Practice Research Group webpages.

There are national guidelines for payment and expenses for this type of work, which we will follow. For more information see:


The Medway School of Pharmacy is hosting a series of events to showcase our research and to make it available to members of the public.

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