Parastou Emami Parastou Emami
Research area: Chemistry and Drug Delivery group, Pharmaceutics and Drug delivery theme
Supervisors: Dr. Dionysios Douroumis, Dr. Ali Nokhodchi (External Supervisor), Dr Ali Rajabi-Siahboomi (Industry supervisor)

Research title: Investigation of the Utilization of Polyethylene Oxide (PEO) in Unique Hydrophilic Extended Release Matrices

Developing pharmaceutical formulations to deliver drugs continually for prolonged time periods in a controlled manner is of great importance to improve therapeutic outcome, patient compliance and reduce incidence of side effects.

My PhD is centred on investigating the potential applications of PEO in hot-melt extrusion and to formulate robust hydrophilic matrices to overcome historical challenges of HPMC matrices. Different in-vitro methods mimicking gastric conditions will be used to investigate the effect of formulation parameters on the drug release from PEO matrices.

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