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The following students have all graduated from the Medway School of Pharmacy with the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmacy. Below you will find the names of all PhD alumni students and their thesis titles.

Name Thesis title
Stuart Gill-Banham An exploration of the information needs of patients with bipolar disorder and the factors that influence this.
Trudy Thomas Behaviour change counselling to increase physical activity in people with mild to moderate depression: a potential community pharmacy based service.
Victoria Marie Lea An investigation into the nature of workload and working practices of community pharmacists in England.
Ehab Al-Moubarak Pharmacological Regulation of Treki Two Pore Domain Potassium Channels.
Eleonora Molesti The development and application of influenza pseutotype-based neutralisation assays.
Anna Marie Giordano Poly(amidoamine)s for antisense oligonunucleotides delivery.
Mohsen Sharifi Computational lmodels for the prediction of biliary excretion using QSAR.
Andrea Manfrin Re-engineering the community pharmacy business model in Europe.
Tracey Wai Yan Yip Applying metabonomics to nutritional Intervention studies.
Lynsey Alison Atkinson The Role of TASK-3 Two-Pore Domain Potassium Channels in the Entrainment of Mammalian Circadian Rhythms.
Danielle Anne Newby Computational chemistry for the prediction of intestinal absorption.
Soumya Praise Conformational study of arylopeptoids.
Stefania Lettieri Novel Pyridine-based Functional Monomers for the Molecular Imprinting of Pharmaceuticals and their Metabolites.
Rafal Wlodzimierz Wyszynski Differential Mechanisms of Adaption of Immune Cells To Stress Induced By Host Innate Immune Defence, Allergic Responses and Leukaemia.
Rebecca Birch Luminal proteolytic activation of collecting duct ENaC and ATP-gated P2X receptors and its potential role in regulation of renal sodium reabsorption.
Francesca Ferrera The study of heterosubtypic antibody responses elicited by seasonal influenza vaccination.
Diana Ramos Garcia Intracellular delivery of therpeutic antibodies targeting EGFR.
Maryam Abooali Differential role of xanthine oxidase in the biological responses of human hematopoietic cells of myeloid lineage.
Charlotte Mallon Managing behaviours that challenge within English care homes: an exploration of current practices.
Colin Moore Controlling the Synthesis, Characterisation, Formulation and Surface Properties of Dye Doped Silica Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications.
Stuart Mather Development of pseudotyped virus assays for the serological study of Japanese encephalitis flavivirus.
Kallie Bladon Assessing the effect of exercise in diabetes: the metabonomic approach.
Mark Kelly Delineating the mechanisms of Calcineurin Inhibitor nephrotoxicity.
Mustafa Hassan The role of TASK3 potassium channels in the regulation of mammalian circadian rhythms.
Evelina Petitto The link between Latrophilins and neuropsychiatric disorders.
Carmen Cristina Piras The synthesis and study of sugar-based hydrogels.
Filip Kunc Smart Antibody-Coated Nanoparticles.
Jennifer Blackburn Functional and Physical link between latrophilins and ion-channels.
Kirsti Danielle Taylor Development of a microfluidic chip to study kidney Vasa Recta and tubules



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