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Mrs Linda Dodds

Associate Specialist Lecturer, Postgraduate Programmes

Medway School of Pharmacy


Linda has spent most of her career working  in the NHS, first as a hospital clinical  pharmacist and clinical trainer, then in primary care as a pharmaceutical adviser for Kent primary care organisations. In 2008 she was appointed Director of Medicines Use and Safety, East & South East England Specialist Pharmacy Services, leading a team that worked over a large geography to support innovation and improvement in  pharmacy practice and medication safety in primary and secondary care. She is editor of a clinical pharmacy textbook ‘Drugs in Use’ which is now in its fifth edition and is used to support a number of undergraduate and postgraduate clinical pharmacy programmes in the UK and elsewhere.  She was made a Fellow of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society in 2013.

Linda joined the School of Pharmacy at its inception in 2004 as a teacher practitioner (2 days a week),combining this role with her work in the NHS. She has developed, and continues to develop, postgraduate programmes for the School which are designed to meet the needs of pharmacy practitioners in a variety of settings and also the needs of nonmedical prescribers. She is programme leader for the Postgraduate Diploma in General Practice Pharmacy (Hospital) and convenor for a number of modules in the Masters in Medicines Management Programme. She has published the findings of research and development projects throughout her career and is currently developing and supporting collaborative research projects with colleagues  in the NHS.

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Medicines support for stroke and transient ischaemic attack (TIA) survivors; Improving medicines information at transfer of care.

Current Projects

Identifying Stroke/TIA survivors needs and preferences for short and long term Medicines Support in order to develop a patient-centred service which can be integrated into current stroke care.

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