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Dr Sarah Corlett

Senior Lecturer

Medway School of Pharmacy


Sarah registered as a Pharmacist in 1990. Following her registration she undertook a PhD at the University of Bradford entitled ‘clinical pharmacokinetics of ifosfamide, cyclophosphamide and their enantioners’ which was awarded in 1994. She continued at Bradford as a lecturer in Pharmacy Practice and whilst doing this completed an Advanced Diploma in Clinical Pharmacy Teaching, from the University of Leeds, which gave her the opportunity to explore novel teaching methods for Pharmacy students such as bedside teaching. Whilst lecturing at Bradford she co-supervised three PhD students in the respiratory pharmacokinetics.

She moved to Kent in 1997 and worked within hospital pharmacy, initially, for a year as a Radiopharmacist and then for the next six years as an Oncology Pharmacist. During this period Sarah was awarded a Pharmacy preceptorship to the MD Anderson Cancer Centre in Texas. She also completed the Oncology module of the London Clinical Diploma and supported other staff members as their clinical placement tutor.

Sarah was one of the first academics to be appointed to Medway School of Pharmacy, joining as a Clinical Lecturer in 2004 and was joint head of Clinical and Professional Practice at Medway from 2009 to 2014.

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Sarah’s current research interests is focussed upon the optimisation of patient care, using both pharmacological and non-pharmacological approaches. Her main area of interest is the effectiveness and feasibility of using light therapy in the treatment of patients with depression within the primary care setting. In addition, she is involved in a number of projects evaluating the clinical effectiveness of various community pharmacy services. Sarah is co-supervising a PhD student who is investigating the impact of workload pressures on the community pharmacist, and their ability to deliver optimised patient care.

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    Full List of Publications

    • Corlett S, Wass E and Dodds L. Is long-term non-adherence to stroke secondary prevention therapies an issue? A pilot study. Int J Stroke 2014; 9 (suppl.4): 075
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