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Mr Mohammed N Momin

Research Associate

Medway School of Pharmacy


Mohammed joined the Medway School of Pharmacy in 2005 and works as a Research Associate. Prior to this, Mohammed worked for a number of academic institutions, biochemical and pharmaceutical companies. During this time he undertook an MSc in Analytical Chemistry of Clinical Materials at the Birkbeck College London. Mohammed obtained his BSc(Hons) in Applied Chemistry from the University of Kingston. He is currently the lead for pharmaceutics teaching practical sessions on the second and third year of MPharm programme, some foundation year Practicals as well as support final year Sustained Research Projects, visiting students and students from school of science.

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Mohammed's current research interests include:

  • The design of novel pulmonary drugs which are commonly used in asthma and COPD. This includes single drug products such as salbutamol, budesonide, ipratropium and combination drug products such as budesonide /formoterol
  • The development and validation of HPLC methods for various drugs using a range of detection systems.

Current Project

Targeting of chemotactic vasoactive peptide receptor signalling in neurovascular diseases

silica NP imageThe scope of the project is to synthesize novel hybrid silica-core-noble-metal shell based nanocarriers and investigate their capacity for the targeted delivery and controlled release of neuroactive peptides into malignant brain tumours. The nanocarriers will be evaluated by the collaborating research team at the University of Rouen, France to ascertain their efficiency of delivery in vitro and in vivo. Working closely with researchers at Rouen, the design of the nanocarriers is expected to be further optimised to enhance the delivery and the therapeutic effect.


This project forms part of the “Peptide Research Network of Excellence” (PeReNE) and is funded by the Interreg-IVA program France (Channel) - England. The purpose of PeReNE is to place the Channel region at the forefront of peptide research by bringing together efforts of 23 research teams and 3 core facilities from INSERM, CNRS and Universities of Amiens, Rouen, Caen, Rennes, Brest, Exeter, Southampton, Portsmouth, Brighton, Sussex and Kent.

Project Collaborator: Dr Helene Castel, Inserm U982, Institute of Research and Biomedical Innovation, University of Rouen, Rouen, France

Funding: Interreg-IVA program France (Channel) – England

Staff working on the project (Medway): Dr Vladimir Gubala, Dr Alison Edwards, Dr Matthew Freddi, Mr Mo Momin

News items for the project:  March 2013 - New researcher appointed at Medway for PeReNE project, October 2012 - European funding success for peptide researchers.

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