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Dr Dimitrios A Lamprou

Senior Lecturer in Pharmaceutics / Drug Delivery

Medway School of Pharmacy


Dr Dimitrios A. Lamprou (BEng PgCert PgDip MSc PhD MBA) is an enthusiastic Associate Professor in Pharmaceutics / Drug Delivery appointed in September 2016 at University of Kent and Visiting Academic at University of Strathclyde, with training in multidisciplinary areas and in first class laboratories (e.g. Greece, US, UK). Before his current appointment(s), Dr Lamprou was Assistant Professor in Pharmaceutical Sciences (2012-2016) and an EPSRC postdoctoral fellow in Biomaterials and Drug Delivery Systems (2009-2012) at Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences (SIPBS). Dr Lamprou was also Visiting Scientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT Center for Biomedical Engineering; US) and at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Department of Pharmaceutical Technology; Greece).

Dr Lamprou has experience of teaching in Higher Education (Pharmacy Departments) since 2006, conducting research and securing National (e.g. EPSRC, SULSA) and International (e.g. HORIZON 2020, Commonwealth) Funding, and is currently involved in a variety of industry projects and collaborates with academic partners and clinicians within the UK and internationally. He is Committee Member at the United Kingdom and Ireland Controlled Release Society (UKICRS;, external viva examiner for UK and International Institutions, and referees for journals (30+ Pharmaceutical and related), publishers (e.g. Elsevier) and research funding bodies (e.g. MRC).

Dr Lamprou has authored over 50 articles in high impact multidisciplinary journals, and over 150 poster and podium presentations at national and international conferences / Universities that includes over 50 invited talks, and has experience of supervising Post-Doc's, 20+ Ph.D students and 70+ Master (MPharm, MPhil, MRes, MSc) level research projects.

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With several laboratories, which are fitted with modern equipment, Dr Lamprou’s Research Group offers an excellent environment for research. The group has access in a variety of state-of-the-art equipment and facilities which are divided in five areas: Analytical, Biomedical, Microscopy, Pharmaceutics, and Spectroscopy / Surface Science.

Dr Lamprou is always pursuing the most exciting, challenging, up-to-date and hot topics in the area of Pharmaceutics by having discussions with Industry and Research Funding Bodies. Dr Lamprou’s Research Interests are divided into 3 areas:

1. Drug Delivery & Pharmaceutical Product Development:

  • Formulation, Physicochemical Characterisation, Dissolution Testing / Process, Antibacterial and Cytotoxicity studies on a variety of Drug Delivery Systems (DDS). These DDS includes: electrospun nanofibers, extruded formulations and a variety of nano & micro particles prepared by microfluidics or traditional methods (e.g. Liposomes, Solid Lipid Nanoparticles (SLNs), polymeric (e.g. PLGA), and silica formulations).
  • Engineering of novel drug delivery systems for imaging and treatment using new or currently available anticancer, antidiabetic and anti-infective drugs.

2. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Process:

  • Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and Quality by Design (QbD) for real-time process control in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing.
  • Hot-melt Extrusion (HME).
  • 3D (using HME extrudates & in-house prepared filaments) and Inject Printing technologies of drug delivery systems & medical devices (e.g. drug eluting stents, microneedles, patches, rings, scaffolds, tablets).
  • Twin-Screw Granulation (TSG) and Tableting using extruded granules.
  • Co-Crystallisation by HME and Microfluidics.
    • Electrospinning polymeric nanofibers production for a variety of Drug Delivery and Tissue Engineering applications (e.g. hernia repair, mesh implants, wound healing).

3. Surface & Nanoanalysis:

  • Chemical and Physical analysis on variety of materials down to nanoscale.
  • Development of modified surfaces for various biomedical and pharmaceutical applications (e.g. antifouling, protein-excipient interactions, templating).
  • Nanocharacterisation techniques (e.g. AFM, CT, ToF-SIMS) to study a variety of systems and Quantitative Methods.
  • Metrology for Pharmaceutical Formulation and Manufacturing.
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Book chapters

  • D.A. Lamprou*, J.R. Smith. (2016) Section 5: Imaging techniques. Chapter 20: Applications of AFM in Pharmaceutical Sciences. On: Analytical techniques in the pharmaceutical sciences. Thomas Rades, Anette Müllertz, Yvonne Perrie (eds.). Chapter DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4939-4029-5_20. Series Title: Adv. in Del. Sci., Tech. Springer. ISBN: 978-1-4939-4027-1.
  • D.A. Garside, R. Acevedo, M. Alsaadi, N. Nimmo, A. Gebril, D.A. Lamprou, A.B. Mullen, V.A. Ferro. (2015) Chapter 10: Vaccines against non-infectious, non-cancer novel targets. On: Novel Approaches and Strategies for Biologics, Vaccines and Cancer Therapies. M. Singh & M. Salnikova (eds.). Elsevier. ISBN: 978-0-12-416603-5.
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