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Dr Stephen Kelley

Director of Learning and Teaching

Medway School of Pharmacy


Dr Stephen Kelley serves as the Director of Learning and Teaching, Programme Leader, BSc(Hons) in Pharmacology and Physiology and Senior Lecturer in Pharmacology at Medway School of Pharmacy. He is the Module Leader for Basic Lab Skills (PHAR1033), Pharmacokinetics (PHAR1039), Clinical Pharmacology(PHAR1042), Pharmacology Physiology Project (PHAR1044), Receptor Mechanisms and Molecular Pharmacology (PHAR1047) and Placements Convenor for the Sandwich Year (WORK1015).

Stephen received his PhD from the University of Dundee (Neuropharmacology) and has worked in research laboratories in both the United Kingdom and United States prior to becoming a Lecturer in Pharmacology at the Medway School of Pharmacy.

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Physiology and Pharmacology of Ligand-Gated Ion-Channel Receptors

These important receptor ion channels help control fast communication in the nervous system and play a part in a wide range of diseases and conditions such as epilepsy, anxiety, depression, sedation, irritable bowel syndrome and pain. Stephen's laboratory uses state-of-the art patch-clamp electrophysiological recording to try to answer questions about these receptor ion channels. This is also complemented by biochemical techniques such as SDS-PAGE /western blotting and RT-PCR. Recently they have be using the Odyssey imaging system to look at both expression of intracellular proteins and cell surface expression of receptors in the ‘in-cell western’ and ‘on-cell western’ techniques.

Recently, in collaboration with Claire Peppiatt-Wildman and Scott Wildman, the group have begun looking at the role of GABAergic modulation of kidney function.  Although GABA and its synthesising enzyme, glutamic acid decarboxylase, have been identified in the kidney and physiological concentrations of GABA are measurable in urine, little is currently known of the precise physiological role that GABA plays in kidney function or its potential as a therapeutic agent in renal pharmacology.

The group is actively engaged in defining the role of GABA and GABA receptor subtypes in the kidney utilising a state-of-the art techniques that can assess real-time functional changes such as patch-clamp electrophysiology and an intact-kidney slice model combined with biochemical techniques such as SDS-PAGE and immunoblotting.

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