Jerome Durodie briefs Care UK on antimicrobial resistance

The use of antimicrobials and associated resistance problems, Care UK HQ, Reading

12th June 2015

Care UK invited Jerome Durodie to provide a day’s worth of teaching, training and discussion about the use, misuse and abuse of antimicrobials to a select group of key, core staff across the health professions. Jerome covered the basics of antimicrobial pharmacology and use together with discussing the ongoing problems associated with resistance patterns worldwide in the context of the present UK 5 year antimicrobial planning strategy.

Case studies provided a means not only of putting the topic into a patient based context, but also opened up discussion for challenging other prescribing issues and their evidence, not least when looking at when a cough might or might not be an infective cough in the first place based on the patient’s present medication, and how this can be (safely) investigated and treated!

Positive feedback was received, supporting the value of another successful day.


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