Students raise money to help those in Syria

£1,113 raised for #WinterinSyria

11th January 2016

Goods arriving in Syria

Student's at Medway School of Pharmacy, especially within the Medway Islamic Society (ISOC) raised £1113 in December for the 'One Nation Charity'.

The money raised by Fareha Uddin and peers went towards, 72 blankets, 72 jackets and flour for bread. Students have remained in contact with one of the charity's representatives throughout the process to ensure the goods were sent, and they have sent videos and a few photos showing the distribution of the goods in Syria. (To see these videos please visit our Facebook page)

The wonderful students who raised this money would like for those to see what difference their donations have made, and a proof of the validity of this charity. They also wanted to thank everyone for donating and for making this happen.



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