PhD student gives public outreach talk

PhD Student gives talk at the British Federation of Graduate Women Presentation Day

1st June 2015

Carmen (left, with award certificate)

On the 16th May current PhD student Carmen Piras gave a talk at the BFWG (British Federation of Graduate Women) Presentation Day. This was a great opportunity for her to present her research to a general audience and she gained very good feedback from the organisers! She told us that doing this was a challenge. She had to communicate scientific concepts in a limited amount of time and in a clear way to people who came from completely different areas of study. An experience that was difficult but rewarding.

Carmen gave us a little insight into what she researches here at Medway School of Pharmacy:

“My name is Carmen Piras and I am a PhD student at Medway School of Pharmacy (Chemistry and Drug Delivery Group) under the supervision of Dr Alison Edwards and Dr Andrew Hall. I am currently working on a project about hydrogels for cell culture and drug delivery. Hydrogels is one of the most rapidly developing fields of materials science research. In fact, although research on hydrogels started only few decades ago, they are a class of intriguing materials that became a sine qua non in everyday life, with a huge range of different applications (i.e. bath and shower gels, hair gel, nappies, contact lenses, toothpaste)”.

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