Alumni student makes a difference to pharmacies in Greece

Recent graduate Stelios Mlchailidis presents at the 17th pan-Hellenic pharmaceutical conference

12th October 2015


On the weekend beginning 10 October 2015, alumni student Stelios Mlchailidis introduced Medicine Use Review (MUR) for the 17th pan-Hellenic pharmaceutical conference.

Stelios commented on the event, saying “The conference was excellent. Almost everyone agreed about the need of saving money and that MUR is an option. The pharmaceutical world (the monthly newspaper for the pharmacists) asked me to write articles for MURs for the next month in order to make it popular. 
The idea of creating a pharmaceutical chain of healthy living pharmacies was overwhelmed from younger pharmacists and pharmacy students, with them agreeing that the clinical role of the pharmacist must be developed! Hopefully by next month, the pharmacy I work at will be the first pharmacy conducting MURs without being paid, and hopefully by the end of 2015 more pharmacies in the local area will follow us”

Stelios has been extremely busy. On the Saturday he performed a presentation on the NICE clinical guideline 90 about depression in comparison with the STAR*D study from the American Journal of Psychiatry, about how a pharmacy in Greece can treat depression cheaper and more effectively. He mentioned that Dr. Manfrin helped with out with some of his recent publications.

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