MPSA Annual Ball 2019


This year marked the 10th anniversary of Medway Pharmacy Students Association and was celebrated by staff and students across all academic years.  

The sold-out event was held in Priestfield Stadium, Gillingham and was sponsored by Kent Student Accommodation. The occasion was celebrated with a classic Black Tie themed ball.

The evening was full of laughter and cheers. Awards were presented by Dr Shivaun Gammie, Dr Alison Edwards and Dr Andrew J Hall. Dr Vladimir Gubala gave a speech on how the School of Pharmacy has progressed over the last decade .

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Congratulations to all the competition winners:

Most likely to innovate a new drug: Serena Sandhu

Most likely to do a PhD:
Pradeepan Packiyanathar

Most likely to become famous: Ankita Gandhi

Most likely to change career path: Amman Kalyan

Funniest Lecturer:
Dr Cleopatra Branch

Best Beard (4th Year):
Shivam Karia

Best Beard (Other Years):
Olly Rahman

Rear of the year (4th Year):
Hannah Akinfala

Rear of the year (Other Years): Suzie Sahirad

Class Clown (4th Year):
Abubakr Jogiat

Class Clown (Other Years):
Jahin Chowdhury

Teachers Pet (4th Year):
Kishan Pankhania

Teachers Pet (Other Years):
Saeef Rahman

Lives in the library (4th Year)
Divya Rathod

Lives in the library (Other Years): Emily Chan

Bromance of the year (4th Year):
Shivam Karia and Shakti Khetia

Bromance of the year (Other Years):
Vinusan Mahendran and Habib Mohamed

Squad of the year (4th Year):
Shivam Karia, Amman Kalyan, Shakti Khetia, Akshar Patel

Squad of the year (Other Years):
Saeef Rahman, Aleena Khan, Hiten Patel, Emily Chan, Jeet Patel, Sadikshya Parajuli

Best dressed female on the night: Sadikshya Parajuli

Best dressed Male:
Justin Chan

Best dressed Lecturer:
Dr. Andrew Hall




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