Medway PhD students present at Metabolomics conference

Medway School of Pharmacy PhD students invited to present at 10th International Conference of Metabolomics

23rd June 2014

Tracey and Kallie with their presentation posters

Tracey Yip and Kallie Bladon, PhD students at the Medway School of Pharmacy, both presented at the Metabolomic conference in Tsuruoka, Japan (23-26 June 2014). Tracey presented her research entitled “The identification of urinary markers of almonds, pecans and walnuts by NMR-based metabonomics.” Kallie presented her research entitled “The metabolic response of high- vs. moderate-intensity exercise.”

Tracey and Kallie are both PhD students in the Medway Metabonomics Research Group, jointly supervised by Drs, Ruey-Leng Loo, Scott Wildman and Prof. J Everrett.






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