PhD student presents research in America

PhD student talks about novel research in Nephrotoxicity at the American Society of Nephrology

Gary Mabbutt is in the 3rd year of his PhD based in MSOP where he has worked under the supervision of Dr Claire Peppiatt-Wildman on elucidating mechanisms involved in drug – induced nephrotoxicity centred around lithium medication used to treat manic depression and bipolar disorder. He has presented his work internationally at the American Society of Nephrology conference in Philadelphia. Titled; Lithium Acts at Contractile Pericytes to Alter Vasa Recta Diameter: A Novel Mechanism for Drug-induced Nephrotoxicity.  Using the live kidney slice model pioneered in Dr Peppiatt-Wildman’s lab, as well as multiphoton imaging techniques, initial experiments set out to establish whether lithium acts on pericytes to affect vasa recta diameter in the renal medulla and thus has an effect on blood flow regulation which can lead to potential crossover between acute signs and symptoms and chronic kidney dysfunction. Long-term lithium treatment has been shown to cause fibrosis and the onset of Chronic kidney disease and pericytes may provide a novel locus for therapy targets.


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