Presentations at mental health conference

Medway School of Pharmacy are sole pharmacy school presenting at mental health conference

3rd December 2014

Charlotte Mallon

Dr Stuart Gill-Banham and PhD students Jacqueline Walsh and Charlotte Mallon attended the 5th Qualitative Research on Mental Health conference in Chania, Crete from the 2nd to the 4th of September 2014. The conference has been established as an international transdisciplinary forum for dedicated qualitative research on a range of topics in the field of mental health, using a variety of methodologies and approaches. The conference aims to promote critical engagement with mental health practices through highlighting the personal and socio-cultural processes that underpin them, as well as their intersections with gender, culture and social position, and attracted strong international interest with 150 participants from a diversity of backgrounds, including service users, health and social care professionals, social scientists and health policy makers.

Stuart presented his poster, titled ‘Using Q-methodology to understand information need in bipolar disorder’; Jacqueline delivered an oral presentation, ‘Attitudes of the general public and general practitioners towards the use of light therapy as a treatment for depression in primary care’, based on the first stage of her PhD. Charlotte delivered an oral presentation, ‘How do care homes manage challenging behaviour in dementia: a pilot study’, which detailed the initial findings of the Phase One pilot study of her PhD.

The Medway School of Pharmacy were the sole Pharmacy school invited to present at the conference; every presentation was well attended and very well received. Stuart, Jacqueline and Charlotte were delighted to have represented the school. This is the first year that Medway School of Pharmacy has been represented at the Qualitative Research on Mental Health conference, and after establishing itself as a worthy institute in the field of mental health research, it is hoped that further work will be invited for presentation at QRMH6 in 2016.

All the research presented is being undertaken within the school's Clinical and Professional Practice Group.


Dr Gill-Banham and Jacqueline Walsh


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