Medway academic prominent in antibiotic resistance awareness programme

Medway Clinical Lecturer continues invited presentations on antibiotic resistance

15th September 2014

Following Jerome Durodie’s successful presentation to the Annual Nurse prescriber’s conference last autumn, he was invited by the British Association of Cosmetic nurses to present at their recent annual conference on the ‘hot topic’ of ‘Antibiotics – National perspective, resistance and (in)-appropriate use’, discussing the use and mis-use of common antimicrobials and how this has consequences on resistance patterns across the world, relating this particularly to specific antibacterials used for the treatment of skin conditions. This builds on his previous involvement in the subject over recent years where he has been actively involved with the overarching goals of the UK’s 5 year antimicrobial planning strategy, 2013-2018.

Enthusiastic feedback was given from both organising committee members and attendees who valued Jerome’s ability to make light and interesting work of a serious issue, whilst also challenging delegates about their own professional practice. Jerome particularly made it clear that this matter went far beyond UK borders and requires international collaboration as well as ever widening public education to stem the increasing expectation that antimicrobials can be supplied at the drop of a hat, else modern medicine as we know it (and not simply the treatment of infectious diseases) will no longer be viable.

Being invited to speak at such conferences has enabled Jerome to help fulfil some of the strategic ‘aims and approaches’ of the strategy report (notably ‘Improving the knowledge and understanding of antimicrobial resistance’) together with some of the ‘key areas for future action’ (more particularly ‘Improving professional education and training’).



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