PhD student wins "Best Poster" prize in Rennes

Student wins award om the domain of chiroptical spectroscopy

29th August 2017

Efstratios Sitsanidis, a PhD student in the Chemistry & Drug Delivery group at Medway School of Pharmacy, was awarded the “Best poster” prize at the 16th International Conference on Chiroptical Spectroscopy held in Rennes, France (11-15th June 2017), for his innovative work in the domain of chiroptical spectroscopy. Efstratios’ PhD research, supervised by Dr Alison Edwards and Dr Andrew Hall, is focused on the design, synthesis and characterisation of supramolecular hydrogels (water-based gels) as potential functional materials for application in tissue culture.

Speaking about the award Efstratios said: ‘My poster, entitled ‘’Circular dichroism study of low molecular weight hydrogelators: addressing practical issues’,’ allowed me to  present the spectroscopic data, collected in Medway School of Pharmacy and Diamond Light Source, of the hydrogels we have developed, which have potential as functional biomaterials. The prize recognised our research to develop a combined approach, using different light sources, for a chiroptical technique to improve the characterisation of our hydrogels. I would like to thank the School for funding my participation and offering me this great opportunity to hear about the latest achievements and ideas in the field, discuss my results with pioneering scientists and expand my network.’

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