Dr Bhamra presents at the Botanicals encounters event

Senior Lecturer is invited to present at the welcome collection event

31st January 2018

Figure 1

Suky Bhamra was invited to present at the Wellcome collection ‘Botanical encounters’ event, part of the Ayurvedic Man: Encounters with Indian medicine exhibition. The exhibition showcases a range of material from Wellcome’s historical collections (Figure 1 Spring scene woman swinging below a tree with giant fruit
- Courtesy of the Wellcome Collection), including letters and material from Paira Mall’s expedition to India in the 1900’s. Mall was sent to India to collect objects and local botanical knowledge for the potential development of new pharmaceuticals and Wellcome’s museum collection.

Suky gave a presentation alongside Monisha Bharadwaj (food historian, food writer and chef) and Michael Heinrich, (Professor of Pharmacognosy, University College London). Suky’s talk focused on her research on the use of traditional herbal medicines by diasporic South Asian communities in the UK. Illustrating the vast array of herbal medicines used by people including Tulsi (Holy basil) for diabetes, cinnamon for reducing cholesterol and garlic for improving blood circulation. The discussion also covered the consumptions of herbal medicines alongside prescription medicines and the impact of combining the two together. The event was a great success. The exhibition is open until 8th April 2018 and is certainly worth a visit.

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