Oral anticoagulation management update

Precautions to be taken before travel

30th May 2017


As part of his clinical role with Anticoagulation Europe (ACE) and following a brief publication in Thrombus, Jerome Durodie was invited to present an overview of precautions to be taken by travellers concerned about travel-associated DVT at the University of Warwick (the national centre for anticoagulation training) on 10th May 2017.

Jerome discussed the ‘evidence free zone’ involved in the use of any considered precautions, both  pharmacological and non-pharmacological, the challenge that this represents in clinical decision making and the real need to assess ‘true’ risk for the individual rather than responding to ‘perceived’ risk. Jerome received the loudest applause of the morning for challenging this ‘hot potato’ with delegates in a detailed clinical, yet light hearted fashion.

Jerome’s clinical role as an anticoagulation ‘expert’ continues to be recognised in this field and he was additionally invited at the end of the day to participate on the expert panel to discuss complex cases with both the conference chair and the delegates. The input of a clinical pharmacist on the panel was much valued by all.

Positive feedback was received both from both delegates and the organisers, confirming Jerome’s reputation at such clinical meetings. The organisers further expressed their interest at inviting Jerome back for future meetings to enthuse and challenge clinicians with relevant pharmacy input into the ‘art-science’ of anticoagulation.

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