International Parents Day and Athena Swan activity


14th June 2019

The Athena Swan team at the Medway School of Pharmacy hosted a ‘family friendly’ event for Medway School of Pharmacy staff for International Parent’s Day on Friday 31st May 2019. The theme of the event was supporting parents whether these are staff who have parental responsibility or are supporting their own parents.

Given that it was both International Parents Day (1st June 2019) and half term for school children, the event was designed to be ‘family friendly’ with many staff bringing their children with them to the event. A wide range of activities as well as snacks were provided for the children whilst staff were able to undertake informal discussion around the principles of Athena Swan and what it means to them in our school environment.

Staff were invited to submit an entry to a ‘staff portrait’ competition with entries ranging from age 10 months to age 10 yrs. Dr Alison Bratt’s daughter was delighted to win the competition.

Alison Edwards and Gemma Wray organised the event and were delighted that it was such a success. In particular, a key piece of feedback was a request for further ‘family-friendly’ events in future.


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