International Women’s Day

Lunchtime event for International Women’s Day at the University of Kent

15th March 2019

The Athena Swan team at the University of Kent hosted a lunchtime event for International Women’s Day on Friday 8th March 2019 at the Canterbury campus.

The theme for the event was #balanceforbetter and involved an informal Q+A session on balancing work and life as a parent. A panel of staff, including Professor Karen Cox and our own Dr Alison Edwards, shared their experiences as part of the discussion which covered many aspects which are often a challenge for those with parental responsibilities when trying to achieve an appropriate work-life balance.

Dr Edwards commented that she was able to draw on her own experiences during her time as an academic at the Medway School of Pharmacy which has included two periods of maternity leave and a move from full time to part time working. “It is the support and understanding of colleagues that made it possible to achieve my career progression but it is most important to remember to return that support and understanding back to colleagues when they are in need of it.”

As part of the event, there was a ‘paint your parent at work’ competition of which Dr Edwards was delighted when her 8 year old daughter was the winner. She was inspired to make the picture when Dr Edwards told her daughter of her efforts to get the attention of students at the start of a lecture by flossing.

Find more information about the event at University of Kent Equality Matter Blog.

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