Mission statement

The Medway School of Pharmacy mission is to produce through innovative teaching and research delivered in a supportive and caring environment, high quality professional graduates committed to lifelong learning.

A number of strategic objectives have been developed from this mission statement:

  • To anticipate future needs of the Profession, Industry and the National Health Service and to provide high quality versatile resourceful practitioners to meet those needs.
  • To widen access to educational opportunities through the development of a broad portfolio of programmes and courses and new approaches to teaching and learning.
  • To develop an internationally recognised research reputation that will exploit the multidisciplinary nature of the school.
  • To engage postgraduate students in lifelong learning through registration for higher degrees and/or Continuous Professional Development (CPD) by the development of innovative multidisciplinary approaches to education and training.
  • To provide enterprise and consultancy in support of the Profession, Industry and the National Health Service.
  • To continue to develop a vibrant school that empowers staff and students to maximise their contribution, through the provision of good working conditions and a variety of personal and professional development opportunities.
  • To observe high professional standards in all activities.



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