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NEW! Medicines Optimisation - Practice Pharmacists' Pathway and Preparing for Prescribing

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Medicines Optimisation - Practice Pharmacists' Pathway (MOPPP)

NEW! Are you are pharmacist about to, or already, embarking on a new career in primary care? We are introducing a new short course - Medicines Optimisation - Practice Pharmacists' Pathway which will you to reflect on your day-to-day experience and develop key skills and knowledge to underpin your medicines optimisation work.

Preparing for Prescribing (P4P)

NEW! Are you planning to apply for the Independent / Supplementary Prescribing programme? Take our CPD short courses to prepare you for this demanding programme of study. Choose from Pharmacology (eCourse), Numeracy (eCourse) or Clinical and Consultation Skills.

Patient Monitoring in Practice

Patient Monitoring in Practice has been updated and improved. There are two 5-credit courses. Start with Patient Monitoring in Practice and move on to Advanced Patient Monitoring in Practice. Improve your patient monitoring skills and participate via our Virtual Learning Environment (Moodle).

Background to Medicines Optimisation MSc/Diploma/Certificate

Medicines optimisation describes a system of processes and behaviours that determines how medicines are used by patients and the NHS. Effective medicines optimisation places the patient as the primary focus of interventions by health care professionals and is a key driver for NHS modernisation in the UK.

The Medway School of Pharmacy MSc in Medicines Optimisation is designed to equip healthcare professionals with the skills and knowledge to contribute effectively to medicines optimisation services and to individual drug therapy decisions.


The programme is delivered by distance learning. The programme content is up-to-the-minute and each course comprises a mixture of text, resources for self-study and case studies interspersed with suggestions for activities which link the learning directly with practice


Assessments include case study analysis, critical appraisal of the literature, written assignments which include short essays, development of service specifications, narratives linking evidence with practice.

For the research project which completes the final 60 credits of the programme, students will be required to prepare an abstract, research poster for presentation and carry out a structured research thesis.


There are many opportunities within medicines optimisation for health care professionals with an additional qualification.


Click on the links below to sample the introductions to two of our 10-credit compulsory courses.

Medicines Management in Practice

Medication Review in Practice


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